R. K. (Reg) Trowell

Reg Trowell retired as a Staff Sergeant from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police having completed 30 years service. During his career his duties included; drug investigations, service with the Manitoba Integrated Intelligence Unit, Drug Section Commander; Detachment Commander, Operations Supervisor on the National Crime Intelligence Section and as the National Representative / Advocate for members of the RCMP.

During his operational police service, he led major domestic and international investigations against organized crime and high profile criminal targets. This experience included undercover investigations, development and use of informants, intelligence targeting and development of criminal conspiracy cases. In addition, he instructed on handling informants and use of intelligence gathering techniques in conspiracy cases.

Since retiring from the RCMP in 2001 he has been the president and senior investigator for Dauk-Trowell & Associates. His investigative expertise in the areas of interviewing / interrogation, critical review of police and work place safety investigations, evidence location, internal / external threat assessments, fatal accident investigations / and court preparation have been very well received and commented on by all clients.