Specialized Investigative Services

Specialized Investigative Services Include:


At times it is advantageous to allow people to see your security surveillance system, and other times it is not. We provide both covert, and overt surveillance based upon client need. Properly conducted overt surveillance places equipment in strategic locations and is designed primarily as a deterrent. Covert surveillance is designed to capture an action in progress, is both mobile and stationary, and can be used to provide grounds for dismissal, rejection of loss/bodily injury claims, etc. We offer surveillance techniques using the most up to date technology in terms of video, audio, and still photography. All covert surveillance is conducted in a discreet and professional manner. Our confidential report to our client will cover the who, what, where, when, and why of our task in a chronological fashion.

Professional Misconduct Investigation:

It is recognized in today’s society that allegations of professional misconduct have the potential to damage not only the individual but also the professional body itself. Recognizing that reputations are at stake as well as public confidence, Dauk-Trowell & Associates Inc. undertakes to provide a discreet investigation to assist in fully and expeditiously resolving the complaint.

Internal Theft and Fraud:

Most corporations are aware of information leaks, internal thefts, and internal frauds that can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, dishonest employees view internal crimes as “payment for services rendered”. The crime itself can be masked by the suspect’s familiarity with the job, access to the money/products, and even by other employees. Many times, internal security attempts to identify the perpetrator(s) are unsuccessful, and police departments simply do not have the time nor resources to follow-up, especially when the suspect is from within the company, and the matter may be viewed as civil. In concert with the client, Dauk-Trowell & Associates Inc. will assess the problem and recommend investigative options ranging from covert or overt surveillance, use of undercover investigators, examination of the employee population, interview/statement analysis/polygraph, and training. These techniques are very effective in identifying dishonest employees.

False Allegations:

We provide investigative services for clients who assert that they have been falsely accused of a criminal offense or regulatory misconduct. This examination can include complete review of all evidence being relied on, interview of witnesses, independent evaluation of a crime scenes, reenactments, behavioral and indirect personality assessments of victims, witnesses and offender, polygraph testing, and utilization of other proven techniques